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Lily's Well is a point and click horror game. In it, you play as a little girl named Lily and work to investigate a strange voice calling for help from the well outside her window.

In order to investigate the well, players must explore Lily's home and the area around it to find rope and rope substitutes. The longer the rope, the more Lily has to climb, but it's up to the player when it comes to picking out materials. Of course, using the wrong materials can have dire consequences for Lily.

There are ten different normal endings and three secret endings for players to find. 

The game itself is free, but a bonus behind the scenes pack can be purchased for $10.00 USD.


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Amazing game! Just wanted to ask you one thing. Once reaching a certain secret ending (the one with the painting, you know), a bunch of notifications pop-up before crashing the game. One of them, mentions about the game trying to download files for your other game: i cannot drown. Is this a secret? Can you tell us anything?

I am downloading i cannot drown rn btw. 

Anyways: Amazing!  

This game gave a lot more than what I was expecting, great job. No joke in my playthrough I figured out the phone number early but it doesn't work unless you get all bad endings, which is nice but of detail to ensure you get the whole story.

I tried this game out for stream last week on my Twitch, and I must say, it's really good!! I may not be good at point and click horror games, but the scares were really good in here and I'm glad there's a pretty unique subversion with the main ending that still fits with the themes of this game. (Won't spoil it, but it's nothing that you've ever expected for a game like this)

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I enjoyed the game a lot, pretty straightforward. I was wondering, what's on the bonus pack? I was looking for the OST to download...

PS: I know the BGM is on the game's folder but they use an .rpgmov extension i don't know how to play.

The bonus pack contains the behind the scenes art book as well as the raw cutscene image files. I do not have redistribution rights for the ST.

This was so good! I love the retro style, reminded me kings quest and games like that of old! I think I got all the endings but there might have been one I missed, im not sure.

Hi, I didn't play the game myself, I watched ABG play it on youtube, but this game resonated with me a lot. Protecting a younger version of yourself, even if a clone, is something I feel very at home with. Very well done game, love the higher definition close up images. [I even made an itch.io account just to leave this comment ;)]


That was such a delight to experience. Took me a few hours but this was well worth it for Lily! 


That was crazy!

My thoughts exactly!! 

I have two brain cells so it will take long time for me to figure out all the endings but this game is really fun. I like the style and color of the game it gives this weird unsettling feeling. Overall, i like it :D 

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I wonder if there will be a written non-spoiler walkthrough of Lily's Well at some point for people who are really stuck on the game, but don't want to resort to watching a let's play of the game.

I thoroughly love the experience, so far I've only managed to get enough good rope to get 9 sets of flowers to spawn. Missing a location or a set of tasks to do that allows me to discover the remaining two possible ropes (13/15) that I can't find.

I also can't get the blood footprints to spawn in the woods in the map above the mailbox, along with that I fed the animal the jerky, but nothing changes in the game when you do that, looked everywhere and done multiple playthroughs afterwards, though nothing appears, changes or happens from the action of giving the jerky.

Found Alt End 1, along with the endings you get from having 1-9 ropes found, the visual aesthetics of Lily's Well is absolutely fantastic, along with the game being a genuinely eerie experience. From reaching the plant life, to the various outcomes that awaits for Lily is something bold that I have not seen in games like this for a long time.

From the game's synopsis, there are 13 endings in total, but from a video uploaded by ManlyBadassHero, there are 17 endings in total. Uncertain if 13 was a mistype, but hypothetically if one was told that there are this many endings in the game, then find out that there are more after completing through the game, then that feels a little bit of a kicker.

Bugs in the game I found: 1. The key's sprite when you are in the kitchen off the stool is still there when you pick it up. 2. The knife can be repicked up after using it on the memorial, uncertain if the knife has another purpose. 3. Unique to people who are recording gameplay, unlike other games, Lily's Well takes up a huge amount of hard drive space. I ended up having over 70GB of footage within the space of 2 hours.

Looking forward to playing more of this game and sharing my experience once I'm able to get all 10 normal endings, all 3 secret endings (along with the 4 unstated endings that Manly discovered). Thank you PureIceBlue and have a lovely day! ^o^

Thoroughly loved playing through the sections of the game that I covered, some secrets are too elusive for me to find including the true ending! ^o^ 

Phew, did it. Good stuff 

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I'm still in disbelief this is rpgmaker. Overall a fun puzzle game with many grizzly demises done in nice pixel art. The true ending of the game really threw me for a loop but it was worth all the torment to get. Fantastic job.

this is great although its a little confusing at times because idk what im doing, i watched a walkthrough my bro said y r u watching a walkthrough for a puzzle game. LOL i jst want to finish ze game so. Nice game tho!
<img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzc4MDQ1MTEucG5n/original/mX7d7Z.png">

well done!

I love this game a lot!

the art is awesome, the story is good.

I can see you put a lot effort into it, because there's a lot of detail in this game.

The jumpscare is good and soundtrack set the mood right.

Few things to add, from my playthrough 

- I stuck on ending Alt1 many times and I don't know why, because I thought I just need to collect as many rope as I can. 

- I spend lot of time figure it out the birthday card clue because it has 6 digit and I didn't know date format (dd/mm/yy) or (mm/yyyy) etc.

- ending Alt1 take a long time to watch.

Thank you. for creating such an awesome game!

Alt1 only happens if you have ANY 'Bad Ropes' in your inventory.

They use mm/dd/yy in-game, so there's no need to think a Code/Answer will be in dd/mm/yy even though dd/mm/yy is the superior format.


I believe I found a bug. [mild spoilers]

If you use the red knife on the vines in the leftmost area, instead of telling you that the knife is of no use or something, you get stuck in an infinite loop of "There's no more vine left here to cut. Nothing left to do but to let nature heal."-textboxes appearing. As far as I can tell this happens every time with no prior setup (except of getting the knife).

Another thing that I noticed a single time was, that the animal(?)-eyes on that same screen were not there, even though I had not given it the jerky yet on that attempt. I don't have any more info on this occurence.

Regardless, great game!

What engine did you use to create this?

RPG Maker MV

The game was absolutely amazing and had an unique plot. This was so fun to play! Please consider making more games like this for the future!

Gave it a Let's Play, pretty addicting

I loved the game. Among the top of many, many free one develp horror games I've played. One complaint (contains spoilers): No matter what I did, I only could find 9 pieces of good rope. I even read the "one bad rope can be made good" hint, still no idea what to do. Only after watching video I saw that it matters on what part of the couch you search. I never happened to look at the needles part and only found the charger - and then dust bunnies but I figured it changes per game between these two or something. This is not clear at all - I did try to look at eg. every part of the bookshelf after all and you only find this one book, so you think it doesn't matter especially since logically someone looking under a couch would not tunnel vision on one single small part.

i love pixel horror games I LOVE PIXEL HORROR GAMES

The premise and screenshots made me curious so I thought I would just check out the beginning, fast forward a couple hours and I see the end credits roll. I was immersed from the get go! Thank you for this great story and experience!

Pretty great game!

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Great game! Remember the good old Dos games. ALTERNATIVE ENDING 1 and ALL ENDINGS: 





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ENDING 3 (The other endings are on the channel.)

already can't wait!